Who viewed my Whatsapp profile picture?

Who Viewed My Whatsapp Profile Picture?

Nowadays, WhatsApp is widely used. It is the most dependable and capable messaging program for our smartphones. WhatsApp is among the favorite apps of users. Why is WhatsApp the best? WhatsApp offers free phone and video calls as well as messaging. 

Since its conception, the messenger has helped billions of people worldwide communicate daily, share documents, make audio and video calls, and more. Because of its functionality and simplicity, it has already attracted a sizable user base and a high degree of confidence. 

With WhatsApp, we have many contacts saved on our cell phones. Your contacts regularly see and visit your WhatsApp profile for various reasons. Have you taken any precautions to avoid WhatsApp stalkers? How can you tell whether someone is using WhatsApp? You’re worried about who has read my WhatsApp profile and status. Can I find out who viewed my WhatsApp profile picture?

This blog will be helpful to you if you have any questions about such.

There is no built-in feature in WhatsApp to see who has viewed my Whatsapp profile picture. A few programs on the market promise to be able to view who viewed my WhatsApp profile picture, but alas, none are helpful.

Are you still curious about those apps? Let’s take a look!

1. WhatsApp — Who Viewed Me

The Android 2.3 and higher versions support WhatsApp — Who Viewed Me. Its user interface is simple to use. Download and install it, launch the app, click the “SCAN” button, and wait a few seconds for it to complete its scan before viewing the users who have viewed your Whatsapp profile in the previous 24 hours.

Let’s be clear that the individual who frequently visits your profile can just be snooping on you and not be in love with you! A comprehensive set of instructions is provided below to assist you in using this application more effectively. 

Who viewed my Whatsapp profile

How Do I Find Out If Someone Viewed My WhatsApp Profile?

  1. Download the app. The 1mobile app market may be required to be installed on your device. Since you are unable to avoid it at this time, complete it. You can, however, uninstall it afterward.
  2. Before installing this app, you might want to allow the installation of Android apps from untrusted sources. So, select Unknown Sources under Device Administration in Settings → Security.
  3. Next, run the app after installing it.
  4. Press the large, green “Scan” button.

If you want to see who saw your WhatsApp profile today, wait a few seconds while it searches through all of your contacts. After looking over every contact, it will display a comprehensive list of every person that viewed your WhatsApp profile that day. It only shows one name in my instance.

Although this is free software, we ask that you refrain from using it for illegal activities. We can’t promise how long this software will be developed because it doesn’t have a premium version. For the time being, it works with all Android 2.3+ cellphones that have WhatsApp installed and are connected to the internet.

It’s recommended to install apps that are available on Google Play Store.

2. Whats Tracker

The following application is a little more recent. Whats Tracker first appeared at the end of 2017. This app to check who viewed my Whatsapp profile picture is again not accessible on the Google Play Store for obvious reasons, but you can download it through APK sites.

The download page says “for Android 16 and Above,” which is quite funny as the most recent version of Android is Android 10 if you’re even vaguely familiar with the Android operating system.

This app appears more trustworthy than WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me. It requests the same permissions as the Who Viewed Me app. Be cautious about blocking access to your location and phone calls if you’re testing it out on yourself.

The app needs access to your contacts to function so that you can grant it that permission. The Whats Tracker software displays a long list of contacts rather than just a few random ones, as WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me does. It even blurs out a few of them before requesting payment.

You’ll also see three separate tabs in the app, which is another thing.

  1. Contacts
  2. Visited Guest
  3. Visitor

Visitors refer to those who came to see your Whatsapp profile picture, and the visit relates to the individuals you see.

It doesn’t matter because the software randomly selected random contacts from my contacts for everything.

3. WhatsApp – Who Viewed My Profile

Who viewed my profile – WhatsApp is another app that claims to be able to tell you who has viewed your WhatsApp profile. Who viewed My WhatsApp Profile is available for free. Given that it only takes up about 38 MB of storage space on your Android smartphone, this third-party app is compact and straightforward.

This app collects a complete list of recent visitors to your WhatsApp profile. Additionally, you may check out the viewer’s information in this app. Carefully follow these steps to find out who viewed your WhatsApp profile and profile photo today:

Step 1: Download the Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Once the installation is complete, start the application. If it asks for access to your contacts, permit it.

When you first open it, it requests permission to:

  • Obtain Contacts
  • View the images, videos, and data stored on your device.
  • Organize and place phone calls
  • Get to where you are

Step 3: This software will immediately display all the details regarding the visitor list as soon as you provide access to your contacts. You can now get a list of every WhatsApp user who has recently viewed your profile.

Step 4: You must give this app five stars if you want to unlock the first visitor’s name.


These applications are wholly fraudulent. Some of them provide you with random contact names. For a third-party app to know if someone viewed your WhatsApp message, they would need to hack into WhatsApp’s database, which is not simple to achieve and would result in your account being suspended. Although we know there is no practical way to determine who has viewed your WhatsApp profile, these apps can be utilized as a practical joke.

If you are interested in learning about how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages or how to freeze your last seen on WhatsApp, visit our blog.

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