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How to Know Who Checked my Facebook Profile?

We encounter many harmful incidents involving false accounts in our daily lives. These occasionally result in a loss of money or a person’s life. Some people enjoy following you on Facebook since it’s their favorite pastime. Additionally, some people enjoy checking their Facebook profiles to enhance their ego or to keep themselves safe from harm. However, there are also additional reasons why users might wonder how to know who checked their Facebook profile. 

Everyone appreciates being able to modify the privacy settings for their Facebook profile and account. This information is for you if you are one of the people who are interested in learning more about the person who saw your profile. This is the only place where you can find out exactly who has looked at your profile in detail.

Perhaps you’ve tried numerous times on Facebook to determine who viewed your profile. Facebook just released a new function that allows users to see “who saw your profile.” You can use this feature to see who recently visited your Facebook account. So, let’s keep going.

How to Know Who Checked my Facebook Profile on Desktop (Manually)?

This method might be time-consuming, but it is the most efficient and popular method. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook.com on your PC and sign in using your username and password in Chrome or Firefox.
  2. To access your profile page, click on your name in the top-left corner.
  3. Once you’re on your profile page, use your mouse’s right-click function.
  4. Click View Page Source in the pop-up menu.
  5. HTML text is abundant in the page source. Please press CTRL + F on your keyboard.
  6. Copy this code and paste it into the search bar: “Initialchatfriendslist.” With this Command, you can see countless numbers displayed sequentially. These are the Facebook friends’ profile IDs who commonly visit and read your profile page.
  7. Paste the number next to www.facebook.com/10000xxxxxxxx by copying and pasting the number. Remember to log in to Facebook. Refrain from considering the -2 following each profile ID when duplicating the number.
  8. By pressing the Enter key, you can view the person who frequently accessed your Facebook profile.
Who checked my Facebook profile on desktop

How to Know Who Checked my Facebook Profile on Desktop with Google Chrome Extension?

This is the most straightforward and trustworthy method of discovering who has viewed your profile. You can also save time using this strategy. One needs to follow some of the provided instructions to start with this. The user will then see who has viewed their profile, which may make them feel secure and at ease. 

  1. Visit the Social profile extension page. 
  2. The sign “add to Chrome” is visible at the top. This will facilitate adding the extension to your browser. Wait a few minutes while the process may demand some downloading chores. 
  3. Following the completion of the downloading, click on the add extension button. You will be at some of the final few steps after finishing the processes above. 
  4. Now open www.facebook.com and log in with your account to find out who, other than your friends, has been seeing your profile. 
  5. Once your Facebook profile has loaded, the timeline bar is visible. As a “visitor,” this bar will display a new choice for you. This is the person who checked your Facebook profile.

How to Know Who Checked my Facebook Profile on iOS?

The good news for iOS mobile users is that they can easily find out who checked their Facebook profile picture. Just follow the instructions below to learn how to find out who has visited your Facebook profile.

  1. Go to Facebook and sign in.
  2. Click on the main drop-down menu’s three dots.
  3. Access Privacy Shortcuts.
  4. Hit the “Who visited my profile” button, and that’s it.
who checked my Facebook profile on iPhone

How to Know Who Checked my Facebook Profile by Using iOS Apps?

This is also for you if you are an iOS mobile user and need help knowing who checked your Facebook profile. Some of their users may encounter the issue of adding an extension or another. Therefore, several iOS developers and designers created the “social fans” app to address this issue. You will receive complete information on who saw your profile from this app. For all iOS devices, the app is accessible through the iTunes store. With the aid of this app, you can gain the social support necessary to view who has viewed your profile.

How to Know Who Checked my Facebook Profile on Android?

Only iOS Facebook users have access to the functionality as of right now. To verify who has viewed their profile on Facebook, mobile users can also download and link third-party apps to their accounts. The Google Play Store offers several applications.

Who Viewed My Profile is one that looks to be adequate. This app can assist you in learning who viewed your Facebook profile and other social media apps.

Who checked my Facebook profile on Android


We have shown you methods for how to know who checked my Facebook profile. Android users may experience difficulty because the company has just implemented this capability in the iOS app. Try your luck by checking out the Who Viewed My Profile App. However, there’s a risk that others are aware of this workaround even though you are aware of it. So don’t think it’s telepathy if a person whose profile you routinely visit calls you out of the blue. The user could use this method to see who is looking at their Facebook profile.

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