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Top 10 Video Player Apps For Android

The days of converting videos into a low-quality file format to view on a mobile device are long gone. You can still do that now, but video player apps for Android can now play practically all video file formats with the powerful hardware in our smartphones. 

There is no denying that nothing has more functionality than the Android smartphone operating system. Since it is open-source and based on Linux, developers are creating new apps for the system. With an Android smartphone, we can essentially do everything these days, including watching movies, playing games, listening to music, and browsing the Internet.

We always get overwhelmed by the options and end up installing the wrong media player. To simplify, we’ll include some top video player apps for Android to enhance your video streaming experience.

Best Video Player Apps For Android

1. MXPlayer

It is not surprising that MX Player appears on every list of the top Android video player applications. It is a standout option for any Android user because of its blend of functionality and usability. It can render video swiftly thanks to built-in hardware acceleration and supports various file types, ensuring that your video experience is continuous.

Find a codec app on the Play Store that can assist if the file format won’t play for whatever reason. Naturally, discussing MX Player without bringing up its gestures is challenging, as the software can primarily be used by pinching, swiping, and zooming. The child lock feature, which prevents your youngster from exiting a video and making unintentional calls to your boss, is last but certainly not least.

2. Archos Video Player

Archos Video Player ranks among the best video player apps for Android in the Google Play Store. Most video file types are supported, including MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, and others. Overall, it’s a fantastic Android video player app. 

Any video from a computer, NAS, home server, or even USB storage can be played. Yes, they are using Archos. In particular, Android TV users will like the “lean back” interface created especially for the TV experience, and hardware acceleration will guarantee smooth video playback. Even better, Archos can access the internet and download show and movie summaries from IMDB and other websites.

3. PlayerXtreme

The term PlayerXtreme is probably already well-known to iPhone users, and it is also accessible for Android. You would be hard-pressed to discover a video format that it cannot handle with its support for over 40 codecs. That’s encouraging for anyone who wants to upload their files and start playing without having to convert them. Subtitles/closed captions, 4K playing on any device that supports clarity, and streaming from a PC or NAS are additional nice-to-haves.

PlayerXtreme allows you to stream web videos, watch movies, and listen to music. In addition, the software supports practically all popular video file formats.

4. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is a good choice for Android users searching for VIP themes, Torrent playback, and MP3 conversion because it offers a wealth of functions. You can easily access your settings, allowing you to zoom in, turn the movie around, and enable subtitles. In addition to these capabilities, KMPlayer now supports Chromecast, and with the purchase of a VIP subscription, Torrent downloads will start playing while they are still downloading.

Top 10 Video Player Apps For Android

5. BSPlayer

BSPlayer has been around longer than most video player applications and has remained one of the best throughout. It has hardware decoding with several cores, hardware-accelerated playing, and compatibility for DLNA devices to stream from the network. 

Additionally, you may play files in compressed formats, support subtitles, and even have a pop-up window if you choose. The free edition has all the functionality but is ad-supported. Additional plugins are available for even better support.

6. VLC Player

One of the essential video player applications is VLC, which has gained popularity swiftly. With the URL, you can stream videos, among its many other distinctive features. Additionally, it can play several uncommon video formats, like DVD ISOs. 

In contrast to others, it includes all its codecs without requiring you to download any additional plugins. Other capabilities include multi-track audio, subtitle compatibility, full media support, and more. A beta version is available if you want to test the newest features.

7. Xender

A file-sharing program and a video player are combined in Xender. You can share music and videos with neighbors and friends without using mobile data. It can easily play the majority of movies and music files. 

Although it lacks more sophisticated viewing or playback capabilities than many specialized video player apps, it is a good choice for those situations. It’s a valuable one-two punch for people who need to view or listen to media while sharing it with their pals. It’s free, and surprisingly many people use it.

8. FX Player

High-definition video formats, including 1080p and 4K video formats, can be played flawlessly by FX Player. It has a fantastic pop-up playback feature that allows you to watch videos on a floating screen while using other apps at the same time.

While in the floating window, you may even access the video playback controls and resize the screen that is now playing the video. Along with supporting External Codec Pack, which can be enabled using Settings, it supports all widely used video and audio formats and codecs.

The FX player also offers the ability to hide and lock videos with various additional capabilities, including a subtitle downloader, Chromecast compatibility, internal hardware acceleration, multi-track audio, etc. One of the best video player apps for Android is the FX player, although it has advertisements.

9. Kodi

Another open-source choice for the top Android media player is Kodi. You can do much more than playing offline content. You can stream movies, view TV episodes and live channels, play games, and more. However, to do that, you must set up Kodi Add-ons.

Although it lacks a few standard video playback functions, it’s a fantastic tool for watching local content. Kodi automatically includes fan art, trailers, posters, and other media to the imported media. The fact that Kodi runs on almost all popular platforms makes it possible to stream video virtually anywhere.

10. nPlayer

Have you become weary of changing the formats of your video files? The ideal tool to help you out of this situation is nPlayer. You may play practically any video or music file on your Android mobile device simply by installing the nPlayer video player. It sorts your files into different categories and genres. Both DTS HD and DTS audio codecs are simultaneously supported.

Additionally, you may modify the video’s brightness, font size for the subtitles, playback position, go next and previous, and other features by simply tapping the screen once. Bring the films into your program from Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.


You can find a number of media and video player apps for Android. To save you time, we have researched the top video players for Android users. Select one or test out a few possibilities until you find the ideal one. Share this helpful information with your friends and family, and let us know your thoughts.

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