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Top 5 WhatsApp Tracker Apps For iOS and Android

One of the most widely used messengers for daily communication, particularly for private talks, is WhatsApp. It is a quick and cost-free way to SMS or phone someone. It’s easier for cheaters to communicate without their partners’ awareness through WhatsApp tracker apps, just like any other social media. Additionally, children and teenagers now have a greater risk of being assaulted by cybercriminals when it comes to cybersecurity.

Thankfully, there are techniques for you to track WhatsApp accounts as a caring partner or a devoted spouse to learn the truth and maintain control of a situation. 

Top 5 WhatsApp Tracker Apps

1. iKeyMonitor

The best monitoring app for iOS and Android devices is called iKeyMonitor. It is frequently used as a parental control app that monitors the environment, WhatsApp messages, calls, the clipboard, voice messages, photos, videos, SMS, GPS, Geo-fencing, chats, websites, keystrokes, and screenshots, blocks apps, and restricts screen time. Both iOS and Android are compatible with it.

It also blocks applications and games, GPS coordinates, geofencing, pictures and videos, the clipboard, calendars, notes, contacts, logs to email or FTP, and keystrokes in the language of origin. After expiration, it remains discrete and tamper-proof.


  • You can read WhatsApp conversations and attachments that were sent with them.
  • It is effortless to use and allows for simultaneous monitoring of the activity of many different systems and apps.
  • Without the device owner’s knowledge, it can be installed on the target device and keep functioning.
  • Keep track of all websites visited, chat applications, photographs, and other apps on the target device.
  • To aid in their recovery, if they are ever lost or destroyed, make a backup of your contacts on the device you want to use.


  • It is not inexpensive, and only a few features are available during the free trial.
  • Need an Internet connection to function
  • It is slower than other tools

2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is among the most advanced and user-friendly solutions you can find when it comes to WhatsApp tracking apps. The app has more than 40 capabilities that allow you to monitor the number of actions on a targeted device using a detailed real-time dashboard.

On your target device, it can monitor any online activity that takes place. You can look at your browsing history and see when and where a specific website was visited. The front camera photo capture is possibly the best feature we love. Every time the user unlocks their screen, this call and SMS tracker will immediately capture a photo using the front camera.

It keeps track of incoming/outgoing calls, SMS, and phone book information while recording incoming/outgoing calls and SMS.

This WhatsApp tracking app keeps an eye on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Viber. Sim card location and GPS tracking are also available. You can keep track of and record browser history. 

Additionally, it captures activity screenshots, recognizes changes to your SIM card, saves your whole agenda, including plans, appointments, and reminders from your calendar, and captures pictures with the camera.


  • A trial version is available for free.
  • Only rooted phones may use the location tracking feature.
  • The data is collected anonymously and does not include any personally identifiable information, including name, age, email address, or phone number.


  • In the iOS version, there are no remote control features available.

3. mSpy

Top 5 WhatsApp Tracker Apps

Many WhatsApp trackers are available, but one of our favorites is mSpy. It provides several features other apps lack, is dependable, and is simple to use. The app is compatible with BlackBerry and iPhones as well. mSpy is unquestionably a wise choice if you want to track someone’s WhatsApp communications.

It should be noted that root access is necessary to retrieve WhatsApp data. Otherwise, WhatsApp stores your phone’s chat records in an encrypted format. This implies that you cannot access them without root access; instead, you can only get timestamps and message duration periods, both of which are helpful!

You can discreetly listen to conversations and record calls on the target phone.

The camera, microphone, GPS location, and other features of your target device can all be managed remotely. Depending on the carrier, it functions with all significant mobile service providers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint.


  • Real-time location tracking capability.
  • You can use it to safeguard and encrypt your data.
  • It makes it possible for you to covertly monitor WhatsApp communications on your spouse’s phone.
  • Various tiers are offered based on your demands.


  • Possibly expensive

4. uMobix

A mobile spy app for iOS and Android is called uMobix. You may monitor various target phone actions with assistance, including calls, GPS position, social media, etc. Because it allows for simple real-time access to the target device, you may use this program to keep an eye on your spouse without spending a penny. All of your devices may be tracked and monitored from a single dashboard.

Discover any odd conduct by using the built-in browser history tracking. It is one of the most excellent WhatsApp tracking programs that give you access to a target device’s photo album. Both iOS and Android include tracking features. To protect your children’s safety when online, keep an eye on them.


  • View all WhatsApp messages that have been sent, received, or deleted.
  • Get contact information and timestamps.
  • With the help of the smartphone app uMobix, you can observe all incoming and outgoing calls and the user’s current position.
  • Give the user’s precise current position and a history of their previous visits to each place.


  • On the entry-level tier plan, it has few features.
  • Only one device may be subscribed to per subscription.

5. Spyzzz

Another best way to track any iPhone, Android, or Blackberry device in real time without being discovered by the owner is with Spyzzz.

Spyzzz is the solution to all your tracking needs, whether you’re concerned for the safety of your children or want to know how your employees spend their time. With the Spyzzz program, you may oversee all incoming and departing data. 

It makes it easier to keep tabs on your coworkers, friends, or loved ones. It assists you in locating a concealed image within a WhatsApp message sent from your child’s or a worker’s phone.


  • It provides simple social media app espionage.
  • You can use it to find out whether the communication was delivered, received, or deleted.


  • Quite costly

Final Thought!

Being utterly knowledgeable about your target individual is a terrific method to succeed in any relationship. Love and trust can develop in any relationship if both parties are sincere. But when secrets are kept, especially in situations involving kids or money, love and faith can easily be destroyed. Knowing everything that is happening is crucial to avoiding arguments and suspicion.

With the help of a reliable WhatsApp Tracker tool, you may effortlessly access another person’s phone and see their activities when they don’t think anyone is looking. You can monitor their phone calls, texts, surfing history, passwords, and even their whereabouts!

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