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Top 5 Best Racing Games For Android 2022

Google Play Store provides plenty of racing games, each with a different style and features. Android phones are ideal for racing games in many ways. You can frequently pretend your phone is a steering wheel while racing because the controls are straightforward and well-adapted to the touchscreen. 

With millions of best racing games for android as well as action games, free download options come with the difficulty of finding quality racing games according to your choice. For your ease, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best racing games for android.

Let’s take a look now!

1. CSR 2

If you are sick of making mistakes in GRID Autosport corners, it’s time to try CSR 2. It is a straightforward drag racing game requiring players to precisely time their gear changes without bothering about steering.

In contrast to other racing games that will put you to the test over a long circuit race, CSR 2 prefers short, adrenaline-filled sprints that send you soaring across a strip in an upgraded vehicle of your design. With the enormous selection of cars and customization possibilities, you can tinker and race with your preferred vehicle.

Furthermore, without the additional strain of forking over real money for virtual benefits, it becomes a more relaxed experience that pretty much anyone can participate. Therefore, you might consider getting this one and giving it a go if you want to test your drag racing skills without paying for a head start.

The right timing and a well-upgraded ride should allow you to reach the finish line ahead of your rival and win some money. Indicators let you know when to make your next shift. High-end automobiles can be purchased with premium currency, although standard currency can buy cheaper models and upgrade components like the engine, gearbox, intake, and body.

2. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is recently introduced on the Google Play Store and has become one of the best racing cars for android. Asphalt 9 is the perfect racing game for racing fans who enjoy escaping from reality. 

The game is mostly an arcade, even if it features many real-world vehicles, components, and locations. The experience of driving at high speeds is the main goal rather than realism.

The diversity of control options includes tilt-steering, touch controls, and a feature that handles your acceleration and steering, contributing to Asphalt 9’s accessibility. 

Players can progress through the career mode by working or paying to obtain new rides or upgrade their current ones. Online opponents can be raced against in exciting eight-car races.

The default setting for the controls is “TouchDrive,” which lets you concentrate on swerving to reach particular jumps or routes, drifting, and utilizing nitro while the game takes care of your braking and steering. Moreover, on-screen controls and tilt-steering controls are also available.

It has top-quality graphics and is among the best racing games for android 2022.

3. Need For Speed: No Limits

Need for speed is among the best old racing games franchises and is now available as a mobile game. Its unique graphics, a tonne of vehicles and modifications, and options for touch controllers and tilt controls satisfy our inner enthusiasts.

Need for speed: No Limits transports you back to the street, a world that reeks of ambition and vigor and bleeds neon sirens. To compete against the myriad drivers who fill the underground circuit, a rookie driver must customize a vehicle powerful enough to move mountains.

Like in most racing games, the gameplay concentrates around winning races to earn money, establish your reputation in the community, and improve your vehicles into hulking monsters. To spice things up and keep gamers interested, the development team also maintains a regular stream of events running, making it one of the best racing games for android.

4. Horizon Chase

An arcade racer called Horizon Chase imitates classic racing games while adding enough contemporary features to make it seem fresh. Younger players will also have a blast, but those who grew up playing racing games from the early 1990s feel at home.

Although Horizon Chase appears straightforward, there are just as many nail-biting finishes as in Asphalt 9. It’s ideal for people looking for a simple, straight, quick racing game. To win the race, you must pass rivals starting at the back of a pack of 20 cars. Continue to win to unlock upgrades for the 16 available automobiles.

Its mechanism is different from other racing games, providing one of the best racing experiences because of its composer and graphic work. Horizon Chase is different from our list of best racing games but fulfills its place.

5. Real Racing 3

As the name stands, Real racing 3 is for hardcore gearheads who enjoy realistic simulation. It has an intriguing asynchronous multiplayer system where lap times are logged by your friends, and you compete against a bot that is now driving, placing genuine brand-name vehicles on real-world tracks.

You can knock them off the track and change their track time, and the single-player career is also worthwhile to complete. Players eventually get new vehicles and can upgrade different mechanical components with their earnings, but be careful with your car; you’ll need to maintain it in good shape to avoid repair charges.

Every vehicle behaves differently depending on its type of traction, weight, chassis, etc. It includes 12 race tracks and over 100 authorized cars, including Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Ferrari. Moreover, it has a stunning graphic quality that stands right to its name.


Racing games are the most competitive game genres and work great on android. There are excellent games available, and new ones are constantly being introduced to challenge the top ones. CSR 2 is at the top of the list regarding quality and features. Whichever game on this list of best racing games android 2022 you choose, we guarantee hours of intense competition and fun. 

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