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How to Set YouTube Video as WhatsApp Status?

Wondering how to set YouTube video as WhatsApp Status? Let’s quickly dive into the details!

In 2017, WhatsApp introduced “Status,” a new feature that allowed users to share videos, pictures, and GIFs as well. Adding a previously recorded video from your camera roll to your WhatsApp status is easy. All you need to do is access the status page and add the video from your camera roll to your status. However, there are some additional procedures that you must follow if you wish to set a YouTube video as WhatsApp status.

The difficulty is that you won’t be able to upload a YouTube video to your WhatsApp status directly from YouTube. This is due to the lack of a feature for it. If a YouTube video is not already downloaded and saved to your camera roll, you must download and save it first. Then, by choosing the video from your camera roll, you may put it as your WhatsApp status.

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to set YouTube video on WhatsApp status. We’ll discuss the most accurate techniques to put YouTube videos on WhatsApp status on iOS or Android. The 16MB WhatsApp video-sharing limit is one thing to keep in mind. Also, note that neither WhatsApp Web nor WhatsApp for PC allows you to share status. 

While some people are adamant about publishing WhatsApp statuses for newly released music, movie trailers, and funny or interesting YouTube videos, here is how to set YouTube videos on WhatsApp statuses. It simply takes a moment and is the simplest way to do it.

set youtube video as whatsapp status

Set YouTube Video as WhatsApp Status Via Link

Go to the YouTube video you want to use as your WhatsApp status first by opening it. The video can be anywhere from five minutes to forty-five minutes long. It’s important to remember that the video will only be 30 seconds long when added to your WhatsApp status.

Longer videos will also take up much more space and take longer to download. Let’s get into the step to set YouTube Video as WhatsApp Status via link.

  1. Find the YouTube video link. Open YouTube, search for the video you want to post, and copy the URL to your device. 
  2. Alternatively, you can accomplish this by similarly hitting the “Share” button, at which point the link appears.
  3. Thirdly, whether the link was provided to you via a message or is on another user’s post, you can discover it and copy it.
  4. Now it’s time to send out the link on the WhatsApp app.
  5. Ignore the list of people or groups that WhatsApp offers you to share with and select the first one, “My Status.” From this point, you can add subtitles or any other straightforward effects that won’t modify the link.
  6. If you chose one of the alternative options, such as copying the URL, carry out the following steps. Go to the WhatsApp Status Tab after copying the link. On this panel, select the “Pencil” or “Pen”-shaped icon.
  7. It’s time to share the status. If you chose the first choice, click the “Share” button, then, after entering the necessary caption, click the Send button. You will be able to update your status with the YouTube video link.

Otherwise, you can “Paste” the link and post it to your status by selecting the icon, which is the “Pencil” or “Pen.”

set youtube video as whatsapp status android

Set YouTube Video as WhatsApp Status Without Link

  1. Download the video using a helpful tool, or take a picture of it with your phone’s camera. Locate the downloaded or recorded video from your files or phone gallery since the recorded video is kept in your phone’s gallery.
  2. Open WhatsApp. Once you’ve located and chosen the video, choose “Share” from the menu on your phone and choose “Share to WhatsApp.”
  3. Additionally, WhatsApp can be opened, and in the upper-right corner is a menu labeled “Camera,” from which you can update your status.
  4. Use the “+Add” icon on the status panel, another option. After that, you can add a video to a status update.
  5. Now set status. You will eventually arrive at the WhatsApp Status Editor, whether sharing from the phone or posting directly from WhatsApp, where you can add captions, text, or other effects. Once finished, and this will appear on the video, select “Send.”
  6. You can add the video in pieces or small chunks because WhatsApp restricts the amount of video that can be posted as a status. The maximum video length is 30 seconds for each segment.
  7. With the proper procedures, sharing YouTube movies on WhatsApp is relatively easy. 
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Last Words

A terrific method to highlight special moments from your life on WhatsApp is with a video status. It can also be used to share videos already stored in your camera roll. Either on your status or directly, you can set YouTube Video as WhatsApp status. There are several options for submitting a status, mainly if it is a video. Either post a link to the YouTube video or go one step further and post the actual video. The ways to share YouTube videos on WhatsApp status with family and friends are explained in clear, precise detail.

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