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How to Recover Your Facebook Account When it’s Hacked?

If you think your account has been hacked or someone else is using it without your consent, you need to change your password and check the recent login to recover your Facebook account.

How would you get to know that your account has been hacked?

You must know the tips and tricks to know that someone is getting access to your account. For this reason, some points must be kept in mind, including 

  • Your password has changed.
  • Check your birthday and name, if it is changed or not.
  • Check your friend requests list to see whether they are sent to unknown people.
  • Messages if they are sent to people whom you don’t know. 
  • Check the ads or posts if not created by you.

Reviewing these tools and tips can help determine if your Facebook account has been hacked.

These days people of all ages are using Facebook, but they don’t know the technical knowledge about recovering hacked accounts. I decided to write about simple tactics that will be helpful for people whose accounts have been hacked by any software. You need to follow these recovery steps to regain your privacy:

How to Recover Your Facebook Account?

Tip: First, I would like to give you some advice that would be helpful for you in the recovery process of your account. Try to log in to your Facebook account from the device you usually use for login. Also, use the same LOCATION ( IP Address) that you have been using for your account.  

This is because if you log in from the same Device or LOCATION, Facebook will take you as an authentic account owner. 

For example, if you have been logging in to your Facebook account through your home computer or from your home location, use your home location for this purpose.


First, you will visit the page “My Account is Compromised.” So, click here to visit this page. 


After the first step, you will be redirected to a” Find my Account” page, which is the second step in recovering your hacked Facebook account. In this step, you will have to identify yourself either by your Email Address or your User Name. 

Tip: If the hacker has changed your Email Address and Phone Number to prevent you from recovering your hacked page, then you can use your Facebook Username to search your profile. Because most hackers use your name for fake reasons or revenge.

If you don’t remember your Facebook username, you can ask your friend to search in his friend list and inform you about your profile’s username that you kept on your own. 

As of now, you got your account but need help opening it. You can use all your trials to access it.


So, if you finally reach your account, Facebook will ask you to enter your” Current or Old password.” Of course, you won’t be able to enter your current password because if you remember it, why will you give all these trials? Lol!

You can go with the old password that you kept before hacking and try to open your Hacked Facebook Account.


If you have entered your old password, Facebook will ask you to enter a new one. You will go with it then.

How to recover your Facebook account when it's hacked?


You will be on the “Reset your new password” stage.

Well, here you have two cases:

Case A

If you have accessed your email or phone number, you can use them to set your new password, and you are now quite near to recovering your Hacked Facebook Account. You can successfully regain your lost account by following all the steps.

Case B

If the hacker has changed your Phone number and Email Address, you can click the next option, i.e.,” No longer access to these?”

After clicking this option, Facebook will ask you,” How can we reach your page?”. Then you will have to enter your phone number or email address on which Facebook will give you directions to recover your Hacked Facebook account.


After entering your phone number and email address, you will be provided with a page on which 4 cases will be given that include:

Case A

You can ask your trusted contacts for help in recovering your account. If you have kept this setting in your account earlier.

Case B

The other option is to ask for your friend’s help.

Case C

If you haven’t set the trusted contacts, you can fill in the form” I can’t log in.”

Case D 

The last option is answering the security questions if you have already kept this option in your settings. 


Finally, if you have done Case D, Facebook will ask you to reset your password. 

So, if you have entered your new password, you will receive a message on your email address which you have already entered in Step-5. There Facebook will send you a link to determine your identity. After clicking that link, you can successfully recover your Hacked Facebook Account.

To Sum Up:

It’s upsetting if your account has been hacked, but we tried to provide you with the necessary steps to follow to recover your Facebook account. If you like this article, you can read more exciting solutions related to app problems in our blog

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