How to use Twitter for effective business marketing

How to Use Twitter For Effective Business Marketing?

Twitter is the most potent and effective way to deliver your thoughts to the audience. It has 361 million active users, and its diversity is visible. Many companies use Twitter for effective business marketing. Even for the savviest marketers, it has become a complicated way to market their products. You need to engage your audience by uploading exciting stuff.

Use Twitter For Effective Business Marketing

Those who don’t know about Twitter consider it a site for tweeting. But to earn money and get benefits for your business, you need to be strategic on this platform. Let’s start discussing strategies grabbed by the best businessmen on Twitter who earn the best living using it. 

1. Audit Your Twitter Account

If you have an account on Twitter just for the fun of tweeting, you first need to convert it into an audit account. Look at your Twitter profile to determine what material works for it and what’s not. Then start making strategies to run it in the desired way. Twitter analytic tools are provided to the users that help them with the following:

  • Analyzing hashtag performances
  • Analyzing individual Tweet performances
  • Analyzing the individual Tweet audiences

First, you need to know which type of tweets your audience is interested in, and then you can decide the kind of content best for your account. You can audit your Twitter account by observing your analytics critically. To do so, first, log in to your Twitter account, then navigate your Analytics dashboard, select the tweets, and at the end, you have to export your data to a specific date range.

2. Setting Your Twitter Voice

Nowadays, many fake brands promote them on Twitter and all other social media platforms. The audience needs brands that are authentic with their tweets. Staying true to your voice can help you expand your business. 

It is easy to collect the masses on Twitter by fake tweeting, but this is not worth doing so. You should stay consistent and authentic with your brand’s voice. This way, your presence on Twitter can be very playful and beneficial for running your brand. You should avoid jumping into trending things to gain your audience’s attention.

3. Using Twitter Hashtags and Trends

The most exciting way of exposing your tweets is using hashtags, a significant statistic to attract an audience toward your brand. But most people take it to the wrong side, as they start using hashtags with all their tweets. Most brands are now using hashtags with some of their important campaigns, and they also label all the tweets with those hashtags that are related to that campaign. 

On 2014 Black Friday, Kohl’s created tons of hashtags of #KohalsSweeps, and they also gained a lot of popularity. This was a contest in which the participants answered questions about pop culture events and won various gifts as a reward. After that successful campaign, they started creating such hashtags every year. 

4. Utilizing Ads on Twitter

One can use paid ads to expose their tweets to the audience as it is the easiest way of expanding your business than organic reach. In this way, people who have an interest in a type of your business will be able to reach you. Such tweets have a unique mark on them; people get to know that it is a promoted tweet.

Use Twitter for effective business marketing

5. Search For a Suitable Time For Tweeting

Twitter provides the sprout viral post feature that informs you when most of your followers are active. So you can know the optimal time for sharing your tweets. Although your tweets remain on your timeline for a lifetime 30 minutes after your tweet, most will not be visible to the audience. Because Twitter is growing so fast, many tweets are around, and the user must know the best time for tweeting.

6. Schedule Your Tweets

Tweets generated at optimal times can get massive popularity and become viral. You must schedule your tweets with the best times to get maximum reach. Knowing the accurate time to tweet can make your timeline more manageable.

The best tip is to remain consistent on Twitter and keep twitting according to your schedule. Most brands have selected a range of tweets to stay in touch with their audience.

7. Engage Your Audience

To gain massive popularity on Twitter, you must tweet the content that attracts your audience. As it is a two-way communication channel, you need to engage those commenting on your tweets individually. Because commenting can keep your tweet exposed on the timelines of your audience. If someone mentions you in their tweet, you must hire those people who know when and how to answer them promptly. 

Those running businesses online must hire dedicated members for their community to answer all the hashtags and tweets. You can also attract an audience or engage them by asking some questions and the most suitable way is to create a survey on your timeline. 

Set Your Goals For Twitter

There should be proper planning for spreading the word about your business on Twitter. You must set your goals to maintain your tracking by tweets. Despite just posting your tweets, you should set your targets or objectives. These objectives will help you use Twitter for effective business marketing. The goals for your tweets include the following: 

  • Build an engaged audience to increase your brand’s marketing.
  • Generate traffic on your website by posting suitable content.

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