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How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most well-known social media platforms, and it continuously introduces new ways to let people see glimpses of your life. The introduction of Stories, adapted from Snapchat, has been one of the key developments over time.

Sharing many photographs on your Instagram Stories or posts will save you time, enhance interaction, and help you develop a consistent theme for your content. Instagram now allows users to share a post with many photographs so they may tell their tale as effectively as possible rather than requiring them to select the best photo for their Story or regular feed post.

Instagram Stories’ main feature is the ability to post pictures or videos that are only accessible for 24 hours before being permanently deleted. It reduces the pressure and encourages people to contribute more to produce high-quality, lasting content.

There’s no need to struggle to decide which image best captures the idea of shooting and demonstrates your photographic abilities. You will learn how to add and publish many photographs on Instagram at once from this article. All your pictures are works of art and deserve attention.

How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram?

Let’s figure out the process for posting multiple photos on Instagram posts and stories. There will be many photographs that you can swipe through separately.

Carousel to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram

You can create a photo carousel if you want to include multiple photos on the Instagram single post so that viewers can view each one in its entirety. Amazingly you can add up to 10 images on each slide.

An Instagram carousel will add other photos in the same order you mark them. Each image has a sequence number that is visible once you add it. Every other photo’s size is determined by the first one. The remaining photographs will have the same shape if the initial image is a rectangle. The Instagram carousel will crop the originals if their sizes differ. Each slide’s display area is selectable.

An Instagram carousel can be created and shared using a collection of your phone’s images.

To select multiple photos to use in a post, follow these steps:

  • You only need to tap the Plus symbol on the main Instagram feed page.
  • The bottom-left corner of the Instagram screen has Library. Tap it.
  • The viewer displays the most recent image from your Camera Roll (or Gallery).
  • After swiping through the thumbnail images, tap the first picture you want to upload.
  • Select numerous by tapping the symbol.
  • You’ll see a few adjustments after tapping the Multiple Select options. First, the crop button vanishes, so if you don’t want Instagram to crop your photographs, make sure they are in square format.
  • The gallery has undergone another modification. All images are now circles; the first one has the number 1. A second photo will receive the number 2 if you tap it, and so on, up to the number 10.
  • Remember that the numbers also indicate the order in which they appear on the post. If you accidentally tap on a photo, press it again to erase the number and remove it from the selection.
  • The selected thumbnail has a blue number 1 and a muted appearance.
  • Hit a different thumbnail. In the viewer, the image shows a number 2 next to the thumbnail. 
  • To remove or rearrange various photographs on Instagram, tap and hold a photo in the Instagram carousel to drag it to the desired location. Before uploading, each slide in the Instagram carousel is independently modified. You can alter the displayed area and apply various tools and filters for each of the several photographs.
  • You can post the carousel once it has been made.
  • Click next
  • Press the tick, and that’s how you can post multiple photos on Instagram.

Post a Collection of Photographs on Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories also allows you to upload numerous photographs at once. Each will consist of a single publication lasting 5 seconds. Now you can post ten stories at once.

Instagram photos and post

To post multiple pictures to Instagram Stories from your phone, follow these easy steps:

  • On your home page, press the + sign
  • Select Story
  • Tap the camera roll
  • Click on Select Multiple
  • Next, select your images
  • Press Next
  • Press Share

It’s time to publish it once you’ve included all the Instagram Stories photographs you wanted to.

Using the Instagram camera, you may make several Stories as well. Select Multi-Capture to snap up to 8 photos, which will combine into a collection of Stories.

How to Upload a Collage of Photographs to Instagram?

Making a collage is another technique to upload numerous photographs to Instagram. Users will then be able to view them all at once. Creating a collage for Posts and Stories is now being explained.

Although there is no restriction on the number of images you can publish as an Instagram collage, keep it in check; if you include too many photographs, the details won’t be precise because the images will be small.

As an Instagram post, include a collage. One method is to collate several photographs in Instagram Stories and then download them. Using apps is another technique to create a collage for an Instagram post.

In the Layout app, make collages out of several photographs. Layout app is an official Instagram app for posting multiple photos. It allows you to add up to 9 images to a collage. Images can be taken directly in the app using the camera or uploaded from your phone’s gallery.

The Layout provides options for positioning several photos. Select the content you want to post on Instagram. You can then edit or modify them and surround the entire image. Be warned that the program only allows for square collages.

You can even upload your collage to Instagram directly from the app. You can also upload multiple photographs to Facebook and other social media platforms. The layout app allows you to post multiple photos on Instagram from iPhone and Android.

To Sum Up

It’s always exciting to share your photos and images with your loved ones and followers. Instagram has made it easy to share multiple images in different ways. We have shared a step-by-step guide on how to post multiple photos on Instagram. We hope you find it helpful. If you have any queries, please share in the comment section. 

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