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How to Get Backup of SMS Contacts And Call Log in PDF File?

Backing up your data is an essential step you shouldn’t skip if you intend to reset or switch to a new phone. The same holds for SMS contacts and call log backup. You have the choice to purchase backup data if you don’t want to lose all your SMS contacts and call logs.

Currently, you can acquire XML or PDF backups of almost all of your contacts, specific contact logs, calls, SMS, call log statistics, SMS statistics, and true caller. You may rapidly save these backups in email, Google Drive/DropBox, or any other cloud storage location you require. 

In addition to PDF reinforcement, which is available for SMS, Call logs, Contacts, and insights, the support and restore feature is available for SMS and Call signs.

E2PDF is a mobile device utility tool created by Day Dreamer LLC and is called TrueCallerWish Backup. It is also marketed as E2PDF – Backup Restore SMS, Call, Contact, and TrueCaller on the Google Play Store. 

You can completely back up and restore your contacts, calls, and SMS data. Particularly relevant to SMS and call logs are the features. While SMS, call records, contacts, and statistics can all be backed up to PDF files, unlike free PDF utilities, it works admirably with other SMS tracking programs.

1. SMS Backup and Restore Into PDF

E2PDF is a simple but highly profitable program that allows you to take SMS confirmation of a conversation with someone you love once and then never again give that for free. You have two options: reinstall them or use PDF reinforcement. 

Simply select the discussion option, and the complete discussion will appear on your screen before you take reinforcement in PDF. You will then enter the yield record name, and reinforcement will be made with a single click. Created reinforced documents can be saved on a local drive or in an email and shared or saved immediately in the cloud. 

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Consequently, you can use E2PDF to send SMS confirmation of your companion’s conversation for no particular purpose. SMS confirmation of your business conversation with your partners or contract employees. 

By taking a PDF backup of the conversation and using it afterward by client requirements, the client can also use this application to execute SMS tracker activity for legal or court purposes. 

2. Particular Contact Log 

You can choose any contact to receive a PDF backup of the call log, and detailed SMS conversation/SMS speak from your loved ones. The client can accept the call or SMS reinforcement of a specific contact. It costs nothing to use Truecaller highlight. The client can track any contact’s SMS or call history thanks to this SMS tracker feature.

3. Call Stats

Call Statistics enables you to obtain quantifiable information about the daily calls made, received, missed, and rejected attempts. Additionally, you will receive information on every outcall period for the extended date.

4. Statistics for SMS

With SMS measures, you may find out how many SMS were sent and received regularly and how many were sent and received at a certain period. This way you can keep track of your SMS history.

5. Contacts

You can back up your contacts with personalized details like contact name, contact number, and email address. Additionally, you can read How to Make Whatsapp Status Videos.

You can also receive daily statistical data about your calls and SMS. E2PDF’s created output file is compatible with the most well-known e-readers in the market. Adobe Acrobat, Nitro, Xodo PDF Reader, Sumatra, Radaee, Preview, Foxit, PDF-XChange, and numerous other programs fall under this category. 

In addition to email, the file can be distributed over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct, and WhatsApp.

Backup/Export Contact in Google Contacts

Follow these instructions to backup/export Google Contacts to PDF.

  • Go to your contacts, choose Settings, Contacts, and then the Gmail account you wish to select contacts from.
  • Return to E2PDF and choose “Contact Menu,” then proceed as usual. Google contacts will be ready to store after being exported to PDF.

The output created file can be quickly shared through email, Whatsapp, WiFi-direct, Bluetooth, and saved directly to your Google Drive, DropBox, or iCloud. “Sms backup and restoration” will be offered in the following update. E2PDF functions flawlessly with other SMS tracking applications.


SMS BackupContact: E2PDF A useful smartphone utility program, especially if you have a lot of crucial text or call conversations on your device for work, company, or personal use that you can’t risk being unintentionally or purposefully deleted. This slim program features a robust backup and restores feature that makes it simple to save, share, or retrieve any of your basic conversations.


There is no better app in the entertainment area of Google Play’s Software Store than E2PDF backup. This program immediately became popular after its original release due to its well-liked features and enjoyable user experience.

  • You can use E2PDF to convert your documents into a PDF format.
  • You can duplicate your friend’s SMS messages for amusement.
  • You can preserve backup copies of your contacts’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • SMS backup for loved ones and family.
  • Any contact can be chosen to receive a complete SMS discussion and a PDF of their call log. Truecaller’s Single Contact Backup function helps take a call or SMS backup of a specific contact.
  • Additionally, you’ll be able to text record your professional talks.
  • The Call Log Backup & Restore option is provided when users need to restore their call logs from another device. Because the backup was saved in XML format, it may be viewed.
  • Using Call Statistics, you may track the number of calls placed, received, missed, and rejected daily. A breakdown of the total amount of time spent on hold for the chosen period is also included in the report.


You may back up every text message you ever sent or received, whether for work, personal use, or both. All you have to do is choose the specific discussion you wish to back up. The entire dialogue will appear on your computer and ask you to name the export file. The backup file will be automatically created in XML or PDF format with just one click.

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