how to install and download Password Safe?

How to Download And Install Password Safe in 3 Easy Steps?

Every website you visit, from dating apps to extremely secure banking websites, requires you to register and choose a password. Although it is for your security, it creates an issue as well. Multiple passwords are beyond the capacity of human memory. Some people have the bright notion of using the most straightforward password possible, such as “123456789” or “password.” Others use a single, utterly random password that they have memorized. 

Either approach will probably result in you becoming the newest victim of identity theft. Password Safe enables users to establish several databases for various purposes or to store all passwords in a single “safe” (password database), for example, one for work and one for personal use. In this blog we will share how to download and install Password Safe in three easy steps.

If you have the same version of Password Safe installed on all systems, each database can be relocated independently and utilized on any one of them. An encryption key produced from the master password is used to encrypt databases, while the master password is not kept in the database in any form.

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Now, you must be wondering how to download and install Password Safe to secure and remember your passwords. Let’s find out!

If this is your first time using Password Safe, select New Database. The name and location of your password database will be your choice; moreover, the default, “pwsafe.psafe3”, is acceptable too. You will then be asked for a master password, which will be used to lock and encrypt the contents of your new safe.

download and install Password Safe

1. Download and Install Password Safe

  1. Visit Password Safe’s website.
  2. Choose secure your passwords right away!
  3. The Password Safe installation program should begin downloading immediately on the following page. Whenever requested, download or save the software.

After downloading, follow the steps below to install Password safe:

  • Installation can start by running the software.
  • Build a database.
  • After launching Password Safe, select New Database.
  • After deciding where to save the new database, enter a specific combination.
  • Either click Add New Entry in the toolbar or select Add Entry from the Edit menu to add an entry.
  • You must include the following details for each entry:

Group: This is a single name used to group several entries.

Title: This serves as the entry’s descriptive name.

Username: This can serve as a passphrase as well.

Notes URL: This website address requires a password or passphrase to access it.

Leave this field empty to disable auto typing; read the “Autotype” help article in Password Safe for additional details.

Click the Save Database toolbar button (with an image of a disc) to save the database, and then select a location to keep it.

download Password Safe

2. Password Safe Use

With only one click, users may quickly and easily enter their login and passphrase using the Password Safe Autotype feature, as shown below:

  • Open the website or service that requires authentication.
  • Put the cursor in the “Username:” field on the form.
  • Select a passphrase entry after opening Password Safe.
  • Using the toolbar, select Perform Autotype.
  • Use saved passwords.

For using saved names and passwords, Password Safe offers several methods. Most call for pasting the user name or password into the necessary input box after copying it to the clipboard. The Password Safe feature Auto Type automates username and password entry into a web form.

How to secure passwords

3. Activate Password Safe

Choose the username and password you want to use.


  • Use Ctrl + U to copy the user name to the clipboard.
  • Paste it into the appropriate field.
  • Choose the user name icon from the toolbar.


Right-click and choose “Copy password to the clipboard,” or Choose the password symbol from the toolbar.

Press Ctrl + C and then paste the password into the desired field.

After closing the program:

  • Open the Password Safe again.
  • Click on the three dots.
  • Choose the password list you want to access.
  • Enter the password that has been specified for that list.

You’ll be sent to the list you made.

Is it Secure to Use Password Safe?

Password Safe is an open-source tool developed locally that provides end-to-end encryption. As a result of Password Safe’s high level of security, using it on your PC is safe.


Password Safe is a handy tool given everything you can do with it, including creating as many password lists as you want, dragging and dropping passwords directly to websites, and much more. Based on security validation, many people won’t trust it, although the software hasn’t been confirmed to have any problems. 

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