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How to Connect WiFi Without Password?

Today’s great majority of WiFi networks require a password to access them. Even public WiFi has begun to come under control. To deter bandwidth thieves from the outside and protect data connections, many places you visit have their passwords posted in the building. 

Manufacturers have devised several techniques for a guest user to access the network without knowing a password for extra convenience, but it is not as easy as you may assume. You’ll find many ways how to connect WiFi without password.

How to Connect WiFi Without Password With WPS?

WiFi Protected Setup, or WPS, enables connections between wireless devices without choosing a network name or providing a password. Wireless printers and repeaters are just two examples of wireless equipment where we cannot enter a password. WPS significantly streamlines & speeds up the process. 

WPS simultaneously enables the router and the smartphone to connect to the WiFi network. The smartphone automatically joins this router’s WiFi network within a few seconds.

  1. Open your smartphone’s “Settings” app and select “WiFi.” Search for “WPS Push Button” under “More” or “3 Vertical Dot Icon” and tap on it.
  2. Secondly, click the “WPS” button on the router’s back. These two devices pair up in a matter of seconds, that’s how your device connects to the WiFi network. It’s done!

This process is straightforward to use. Most routers support WPS; this method won’t work if it isn’t. It’s a worthwhile experiment to connect WiFi without password.

WiFi Without Password

How to Connect WiFi Without Password Download?

For quick access and to connect to any WiFi network without a password, here is a list of some apps that claim to connect to any WiFi without a password.

1. WiFi Master

More than 5 million users worldwide have downloaded this particular application due to its popularity. The WiFi Master application only functions if you’ve set up your Android device. 

To find a WiFi connection’s Password, first root your device. Then execute this application. Using WiFi Password demonstrates the only way to enter the system is to copy the Password to the clipboard and paste it there. You can communicate the Password via email using this program. 

Due to the included offline maps, you can naturally get free Internet, which comes with no cost and data restrictions. It details any applicable password or area of interest in the database, such as speed, prominence, and data usage.

You can always find points of interest when you’re wandering or short on data. WiFi Master is the perfect travel companion and offers WEP, WPA, WPA2, and WPA3 support. It is more user-friendly than WPS.

2. Instabridge

Instabridge Free WiFi is a crowdsourced app that directs you to nearby WiFi networks and connects you to them once you’re within range. This app covers other Instabridge users and public spaces like coffee shops if they opt-in. The Google Play Store presently offers it for free to use.

Let’s see how the app functions! 

Users of the software locate free WiFi connections and use Instabridge to connect to them. This hotspot logs into its database and displays its location to other users. The app automatically connects when you are within range of that WiFi. 

It does operate offline, so if you don’t know where any free WiFi is, you can use it to search hotspots. It typically functions as a WiFi manager and, if you allow, it can take the place of the default Android WiFi manager. You may list your home WiFi on Instabridge and grant access to others who want it, which is much easier than repeatedly sharing your router’s Password with everyone. 

The app also can measure WiFi speed, back up and sync passwords to use on any device, and even avoid unstable or insecure hotspots. For folks traveling or who don’t have access to WiFi at home but need to discover hotspots to connect to, Instabridge Free WiFi is a tremendously helpful tool. 

The software could need a little polish in a few places. If there aren’t any other Instabridge Free WiFi users in your neighborhood, then it don’t have a lot of data. Even so, it’s a valuable tool; since it’s free, there’s no risk in trying it out.

3. Show WiFi Password

A tool’s saved WiFi passwords can be retrieved using the feature-rich device Show WiFi Password. If a new device needs to be added to the network, but you don’t have direct access to the Password for it, or if there are any other good reasons, you may need to check the stored WiFi connection credentials. 

In any of these situations, Show WiFi Password makes it simple to share connection passwords with others or keep them to yourself with the touch of a finger. Features of Show WiFi Password include the following:

  1. Copy WiFi passwords to your clipboard or share them with an available contact.
  2. Compatible with all versions of Android, including Oreo, despite recent changes to the device report architecture.
  3. It displays the SSID and Password for each connection saved in the tool.
  4. The app accomplishes its stated goal with the least amount of UI design.
  5. It shows the Password for the currently relevant community.

4. WiFi Warden – Free WiFi Access

Another free WiFi software that works on Android and iPhones is The WiFi Warden. iPhone users can download this software from the iTunes store to enjoy bonded and quick WiFi connectivity everywhere in the world. 

To assist you in finding free WiFi hotspots, it connects to a community quickly and easily. Downloading WiFi Warden from the Google Play Store will enable you to quickly and easily connect to any WiFi without a password.

Final Thoughts!

Please be aware that accessing someone’s WiFi network without their permission is impolite and may even be against the law. Before using any techniques, be sure you have permission from the network owner. All these apps claim to connect WiFi without password, and it’s time to check out the apps and test their features.

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