how to call someone who blocked you

How To Call Someone Who Blocked You?

While the call-blocking feature on iPhone and Android smartphones is excellent for preventing bothersome callers and spammers, it can also be used to prevent people we’ve broken up with from calling or to avoid shady calls.

Wondering how to call someone who blocked you? This article intends to aid individuals who have been unjustly blocked, such as someone you owe money to and those who immediately need to contact someone for urgent personal reasons.

If you’re reading this, we hope you’re not a stalker but someone attempting to make a fair argument. If they blocked your phone number, you might be able to get around the regulations because desperate times call for desperate tactics. We believe people will be willing to listen to you if they see the work you have put forth.

Let’s end the curiosity and learn how to call someone from a blocked number?

1. Hide Your Caller ID

Hiding your Caller ID to call someone who blocked you is a great choice. iPhone and Android have different settings to hide your caller ID. 

How to Call Someone Who Blocked You on iPhone?

You can use a simple procedure to call the person back on an iPhone. That is accomplished by getting around the iOS Call Blocking feature. You merely conceal or disguise your phone number using this technique.

You can contact the individual who has blocked your phone number using this method. They won’t see your phone number appear on their phone, though. They will only see one thing: “No Caller ID.” The person’s phone will ring as usual when you call, giving them the option of responding or not.

Here are the steps to hide your caller ID on your iPhone:

  1. Select Settings first, then phone.
  2. Select “Show My caller ID” from the menu.
  3. Disable “Show My Caller ID” in the settings.
how to call someone who blocked you

How to Call Someone Who Blocked You on Android? (Method 1)

When you phone someone on an Android, you can mask your number in some cases but not others. Whatever the case, you can attempt it. The call settings are where you must hide the caller ID. 

Here are the main guidelines you must adhere to hide the caller ID. They might not apply to your Android phone. Here is what to do.

  1. Launch the “Caller” or “Phone” app on your phone.
  2. Click anything that displays options, such as the three dots in the top-right corner.
  3. From the drop-down option that opens, choose “Settings.” You’ll be directed to a settings log.
  4. Find “Supplementary Services” or “Other Call Settings” by scrolling down.
  5. Look for a menu option that says “Show Caller ID” or something similar, then select it.
  6. Choose the “Hide Number” or “Hide Caller ID” option.

You should most likely be able to call someone who has blocked you if that functioned on your phone. Your phone number will appear on the receiver’s phone as “Anonymous.” You can attempt the following technique if your phone doesn’t have this setting or the first one doesn’t work.

Preceding The Number With *67 (Method 2)

Android allows users to block numbers because the recipient’s phone can see your caller ID. You can still phone the person if it doesn’t. You can mask your caller ID by prepending the number with *67.

Your caller ID would be hidden from the recipient’s phone. Therefore, you won’t be bothered that your number is the same one the user has blocked. Your phone number will be replaced with “Anonymous” or “Private,” which the recipient will see.

There is a slight drawback to this approach. If the user sees “Private” or “Anonymous” instead of the actual number, they can be suspicious and decide not to answer your call. If that’s the case, the third technique might be helpful.

2. Download Apps That Give You Random Numbers 

Download one of the many free apps to call someone who blocked you that gives you a randomly generated phone number on your smartphone. This number can be used for calls and texts inside the app, and it might even work for calls to those who don’t have the app. Using this method to call someone who has blocked your number is reliable.

Try the random phone number generator app Phoner if you want to get random phone numbers to call and SMS. On Phoner, you may generate random phone numbers that can be used for calling, messaging, sending SMS, and even MMS.

call someone who blocked you

You can quickly generate random actual phone numbers with Phoner. Another free program for random phone numbers may be found online.

The fact that the area code is likewise created randomly is a benefit of this approach. The recipient won’t question the origin of the call as a result.

3. Call From an Alternate Number

The most straightforward way to call someone who has blocked your phone number is to take out a loan of another person’s phone and place the call. The person on the other end will get your call and likely respond to it because the new number you’re phoning from isn’t blocked.

It will enable you to communicate with the other person or resolve any misunderstandings you may have had with them.

Final Words

It is essential to note that calling someone who has blocked your number can be perceived as harassing behavior and could land you in hot water before you even start. Your ethical and moral responsibility is to protect your privacy and refrain from calling anyone who does not want to hear from you, even if the person on the other line is unlikely to take action.

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