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How to Hide Private Photos And Videos on Android And iPhone?

The last thing you want is anyone finding private media files on your smartphone, whether you’re sharing holiday images or letting your kids watch hilarious movies. Protecting your private photos and videos will ensure that no curious eyes unintentionally stumble upon them. Your media files can be easily hidden utilizing a few straightforward techniques. Each technique, of course, relies on the photo software you use and whether you have an Apple or an Android device. Here’s how to hide private photos and videos on Android and iPhone.

How to Hide Private Photos And Videos on iOS?

With Apple, you can move pictures or movies into a different folder where they won’t be visible when browsing your main album. They are taken out of your primary albums and galleries but are kept in a secure place at another place. Both iPhones and iPads can use this. All you need is to follow the following steps:

  1. Activate the Photos app on your iOS.
  2. Tap the album whose pictures or videos you want to hide, then tap Select in the top right corner.
  3. Tap to pick every image and video you want to hide.
  4. Click the “Share” button, the icon with the up arrow.
  5. Select “Hide” from the picture options menu.
  6. You will be asked to confirm the photos and videos you want to hide.
  7. Later, scroll down to Other Albums and tap Hidden to access your hidden images and videos. 

You can store the photos you’ve made private here. You can make a file visible again by hitting the Share button and choosing Unhide. 

How to Hide Private Photos And Videos On Android?

Please be aware that not every Android is the same. Try searching for hiding photographs on your phone model; the Android version of the procedures does not help you. These procedures ought to function for the majority of stock Android operating system versions:

  1. Launch the Google Photos program.
  2. Choose the pictures you want to hide.
  3. In the top right corner, tap the three-dot icon.
  4. In the drop-down menu, select Move to Archive.
  5. Your photographs and videos are hidden in a different folder called Archive. 
  6. The contents of this folder are accessible from the Google Photos main menu, but they won’t appear in any of your other feeds. 
Hide photos and videos

Third-Party Apps to Hide Private Photos And Videos

If the above methods don’t help you, then don’t worry about it. You can try third-party apps to hide private photos and videos.

1. Vaulty

Vaulty has made a name for itself as the best app for content hiding. It has a built-in photo gallery. You can only view the photographs you lock inside of it. You can establish numerous vaults in the gallery so that you can have various collections of pictures to show to different people. It even backs up your material, so it is safe even if you misplace your phone. All of your stuff is password-protected. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of consumers on the Google Play Store have given favorable reviews.

The best feature of Vaulty is that it “mugshots” attackers who attempt to access your vault but make a mistake entering the correct password. When you unlock the app, you will immediately know who tried to enter your private place. It’s an advantage that everyone can utilize this service for free. 

Additionally, you can make many vaults with unique passwords to save various kinds of images or films in each one. However, if you want to remove the app’s advertising or backup your files to the cloud, you’ll need to pay for the Premier membership.

2. Keepsafe Photo Vault

You must be familiar with KeepSafe Photo Vault if you’ve ever utilized an Android app to hide your images or videos. It has been around for a while and is among the best programs for protecting your media from prying eyes. It offers PIN, pattern, and fingerprint security methods for locking photographs and movies, after which it displays a neatly organized folder grid.

You can enter any of these folders to add and secure your IDs, movies, or images. You may make your new folders, share them with other KeepSafe users, and back up every single one to your cloud storage.

The software has received numerous changes over the years, making it more user-friendly and tidy. KeepSafe offers many sophisticated security features, like phony login PINs, break-in warnings, where a selfie of the intruder is stored along with the time and date of unsuccessful attempts, and Secret Door, which allows the app to be disguised with a new front-end. But if you’re serious about hiding your private media, purchase it because all of the features are locked behind a paywall.

3. 1Gallery

Essentially, 1Gallery is a picture gallery program for organizing images and movies. The secure vault, which uses robust encryption to hide photographs and videos, is the main feature of this gallery software.

No one can locate the media files if you conceal photographs and movies using the 1Gallery software, even with root access. Your photos and movies can be hidden using one of three password modes: PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint.

The software has been expertly designed and has a fresh style and user-experience philosophy. The features include a dark mode, support for various file formats like RAW and SVG, search management, video, and the ability to use it as an Android photo editor.


That’s all about how to hide private photos and videos on Android and iPhone. Hopefully, one of these approaches will work for your needs. So, which app are you considering utilizing to safeguard your private photos? Additionally, you might wish to hide your profile picture on WhatsApp or want to know how to get the call details of any number, just visit our blog.

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