get notified when someone is online on whatsapp

How to Get Notified When Someone is Online on WhatsApp?

Have you ever wished to know when your significant other or crush joins WhatsApp online? 

Opening WhatsApp to talk to someone to find out they were online a few hours ago is very unsettling. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not officially offer this capability for receiving online alerts. But isn’t it nice to get notified when someone is Online on WhatsApp or starts typing to someone else?

Fortunately, several apps are readily available for Android and iPhone users to quickly get notified when someone is online on WhatsApp. The best part is that you can receive this notification without opening WhatsApp or their profile. 

In this guide, you’ll discover how to receive notifications when someone logs into WhatsApp.

1. mSpy

iOS and Android users can get mSpy to be notified when someone is online on WhatsApp. Additionally, it is among the most widely used smartphone applications. A simple user interface and a round-the-clock customer support service are both features of mSpy WhatsApp Monitoring. The best aspect is that using the software on your mobile doesn’t require technical knowledge. It uploads all the data from the device to a site online that the mSpy user may access.

Moreover, Parents can use mSpy, to monitor their children using various additional monitoring tools. Parents can keep an eye on their kids’ SMS, MMS, browsing history, emails, calendars, and social media accounts, including Facebook Messenger, by installing mSpy. They can even use it to track their GPS locations.

check someone's online whatsapp activity

How to Use mSpy to Get Notified When Someone is Online on WhatsApp?

Start with installing mSpy on your Android or iPhone. Because mSpy is unavailable on Google Play, installing it is a bit complex. You must first log into the mSpy platform using your browser.

You can access Play Protect by navigating the Play Store and tapping your profile picture in the top right corner. This means you will need to disable Play Protect. Now follow the following instructions:

  1. First, download the mSpy app and complete the software’s installation by following the on-screen prompts on the mSpy platform. The primary platform should reload when you succeed, and the mSpy dashboard will appear.
  2. You will have quick access to the tools you need to check if the target device is connected to WhatsApp from the dashboard. Just navigate to the toolbar on the interface’s left side.
  3. Then scan the bottom of the page for the WhatsApp function. You can find it in the social networks section.
  4. To check if the targeted gadget is online on WhatsApp, click it. Selecting the message thread you want to read will allow you to view WhatsApp chats.

You must know that mSpy requires a premium subscription. Before getting this surveillance program, you must visit the website and subscribe. In contrast to WaStat, which merely displays whether the WhatsApp account is active, mSpy gives users many other options. Even the messages transmitted back and forth from the target device are visible with mSpy.

2. WaStat

You can download the third-party app WaStat to your Android devices. You can get this program, which is explicitly designed as a WhatsApp online tracker, from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

With this app, you can keep tabs on up to 10 profiles’ online activity and the gaps between each session. Additionally, you can use the analytics function to examine the account’s online activity over the previous month. WaStat complies with WhatsApp’s terms and conditions so that you can relax. 

Nothing illegal happens when you use this software. For this reason, it is easily downloadable from the Google Play Store.

get notified when someone is online on whatsapp

How to Use WaStat to Check Someone’s Online Status?

You’ll need to go to the Google Playstore and follow these steps: 

  1. To access the WaStat page on your Android device, open the Playstore app and type “WaStat” into the search field. As soon as you are there, select Install. Hit Open after the installation is complete.
  2. The app needs access to your phone’s storage to function. By tapping Continue, you can accept it.
  3. Next, decide if you are a new or returning user. To access the Privacy Policy page, touch the associated button if you’re a new user. Click Agree, then tap Accept.
  4. Once the setup is complete, you can see the app’s dashboard, which will have an empty green screen. It’s empty because you haven’t used the app yet, so don’t worry. Tap the Add Contacts icon in the top-right area of the display to add a phone number to the watchlist. It shows a person with a plus sign next to it.
  5. You must enter the person’s number and name in the next pop-up window to track that number. Include their phone number’s international prefix as well.
  6. You can see the profile on your home page after you insert the number. Tap the profile on your home page. It will display a window with a 12-hour clock, which will indicate what time of day and for how long the account was active.

You can use this to check the availability of the WhatsApp chat you chose. To track more than one number, you must purchase the app. 

3. Family Tracker

With WhatsApp tracker app “Family Tracker”, you can track up to 3 WhatsApp numbers in the online/offline status tracking mode. When that particular WhatsApp number is online, you are immediately notified.

All last-seen reports and the times that specific WhatsApp numbers are active are stored and available for analysis. Exercise can be Checked if two WhatsApp numbers are conversing with one another by comparing them. It is formally available for a 24-hour free trial.

how to get notified when someone is online

How to use Family Tracker to Get Notifications When Someone is Online on WhatsApp?

To receive a WhatsApp online notification for a specific chat, follow the steps below:

  1. On your Android smartphone, please install the application from the play store and launch it.
  2. Select TRY FOR FREE by tapping.
  3. To add a WhatsApp number to the tracking mode of the online notification, tap the “+” symbol.
  4. Enter your phone number and select OK.
  5. Now, the online/offline status will be noted, and you will also be informed when that individual returns to the internet.


The popular instant messaging program WhatsApp is available for Android and iPhone users. You may use this app to send and receive messages, make and receive phone calls, and even change your WhatsApp status. Fortunately, you can use apps to determine someone’s online status, even if the app doesn’t have an official feature. WaStat, Family tracker, and mSpy are among the main techniques to get notified when someone is online on WhatsApp.

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