how to get call details of any number without OTP

How to Get Call Details of Any Number Without OTP?

These days, checking call history is crucial because it allows you to find out who and when was contacted. It is beneficial for keeping an eye on kids, and employees, discovering dishonest partners, etc.

There are many benefits to tracking a mobile number’s call history, but it is only sometimes straightforward as there are restrictions, and most users need to learn how to get call details of any number without OTP.

To learn more about this process, read the following text carefully.

Get Call Details of Any Number Without OTP

Following are best software to track mobile number’s call history.

1. The Best Free Online Call History Monitoring Software – Spylix

A respectable organization created Spylix to ensure that you may quickly and conveniently examine someone’s call history online from the convenience of a user-friendly dashboard. Spylix will reveal all call log information, including timestamps, durations, and the contact’s email address. Try Spylix if you’re looking for the most dependable, secure, and user-friendly program to check someone’s call history for free.

It fully conceals itself while monitoring a target device. Once configured, Spylix operates in a private mode to let you access the whole call log of your target device without the owner being aware of it.

Spylix allows you to access call history from anywhere at any time. Your dashboard will also show all call history details in real-time to ensure you get everything.

get the call history

Viewing call logs are insufficient to monitor your children’s safety or spy on your spouse, which is why Spylix provides access to more than 40 different data kinds. Social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram make it easier to track their usage histories. Spylix offers other capabilities like GPS location, SMS tracking, contacts, a gallery, and many more.

It will delete the call history linked with it if your children, spouse, or coworkers are trying to keep something from you. Fortunately, Spylix can track and view all data associated with a deleted call.

Spylix works with both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Therefore, Spylix will function with any type or model your target employs. Spylix has a customer support team available around-the-clock to answer your questions as quickly as possible. 

2. Check Someone’s Call History – mSpy

You may get someone’s call history with the mSpy app, which has more than 15 capabilities. It also has features like monitoring chats and looking up social media histories. The mSpy program also allows users to view both incoming and outgoing calls. Moreover, it is also capable of preventing calls from unknown numbers.

But the person you monitor can quickly determine whether you are using mSpy, and the information is limited.

3. Free Online Access to Call History – FlexiSpy

As a call history viewing app, FlexiSpy is a spyware created to work with PC, mobile devices, and Mac computers. It offers functions like phone blocking, environment monitoring, VoIP recording, and other standard espionage features. The call history and the specific call’s content are recorded for each phone call.

FlexiSpy can be expensive to purchase. The operating index of FlexiSpy is high. It is not assured that your and the other person’s data will be secure.

get the call history

4. Call History Checker App – Spyzie

Spyzie has about 20 capabilities, including call log and history viewing, social media tracking, email access, and screen recording. The target device cannot be remotely controlled, though. It has capabilities for viewing social media history and basic ones for viewing call history. It combines the trace pattern with its conventional way.

When compared to other goods, using Spyzie has more expensive costs. Spyzie has no remote access functionality and is unable to access online data.

5. Call History Checking App – XNSPY

Another call history-watching app is XNSPY, which also has tools for SMS spying, call history, GPS location tracking, Internet browsing tracking, and social app monitoring. XNSPY has access to every keystroke made on the targeted phone and can keep an eye on messages and incoming and outgoing phone calls on the target phone

Less functionality while seeing the target phone’s call log.

How to get call details of any number without OTP

Essential Steps to Follow To Get Call Details of Any Number Via Apps

1. Get the App Installed

It is necessary to download the software from the play store. Open the Play Store first, then use the search bar and call history to start your search.

Then, a variety of open applications will appear in front of you, from which you must select the desired app and install it to get call details for any number.

2. Choose a Nation and Enter a Mobile Number

You must enter your cellphone number and country. You can locate your country code from the first choice of the nation. Any mobile number may be entered here and submitted by clicking the submit button.

3. Provide an Email ID

The call history will then be emailed to the email address you provide, which can be any email address. Click the submit button after entering an email address in the appropriate fields.

4. Click Call History After Selecting it

A new page with numerous options will emerge when you click on submit. Checking your call, SMS, and WhatsApp history is simple. Select that option and then check whatever you want.


You need a dependable app for this if you’re trying to figure out how to get the call details of any number without OTP. An app’s dependability is determined by how secure it is, how effectively it operates in stealth mode, and what additional services it provides. Several apps serve you, but it’s your choice to select the one that matches your needs.

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