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How to Create Best Pins on Pinterest in 6 Steps?

Pinterest provides you with fresh and exciting content. Users love making pins on Pinterest as they can explore the things of their choice and learn about them by visiting the given website. People mostly share the same content already on Pinterest, but you can get more advantages if you can create best pins on Pinterest. Keep trying to make those pins that will wow your followers. 

Why Should You Make Pins on Pinterest?

  • Pinterest gives you unique and addictive content that the audience loves to share daily.
  • Try to build your brand and set your goals. Don’t try indulging yourself in competitions. Just be yourself.
  • Set your resources and create a bulletin board for your audience. You can do this by creating your Pinterest pins.
  • Try to gain search traction on famous search engines. 
  • People mainly use Pinterest to find the best stuff for their living. So you can inspire them and sell your products.

Note: Most of the pinned content is from the business websites, so try to add those pins that must be shareable.

Now you have got the idea of the importance of creating pins. You must know the crucial steps to create best pins on Pinterest.

Step-1 Pinterest Pin Size Guide

Let’s start with the size determination of the mesmerizing pins.

Pinterest’s most suitable image size ratio is 1:2:1 or 2:3. The minimum width of the image should be 600 pixels to get unblurred pins. Pins are presented in columns, and the vertical pins take up too much space. 

So, if you will make pins too long, they will get cut off or halved. 

If you put a bookmark on your image, that will be only visible at the bottom corner of the image if the user clicks it.

Step-2 Source Pin Images

Try to make your pins enchanting and appealing to the audience. As most people pin the posts that they like or want. So, make your portfolio attractive. 

Remember that your ultimate goal is to create pins according to someone’s hopes or dreams. 

To legally share the posts for your blog or social media posts, you need to pay for them.

Step-3 Take Your Enchanting Pinterest Pins

Most of the pins on Pinterest are of professional quality like Unsplash provides you with handy material. But Pinterest doesn’t prefer stock images that aren’t original. 

If you want to create pins on Pinterest and you don’t have fancy cameras. Don’t worry!

Smartphones have also come a long way for taking professional photos; these are the easiest way at your disposal.

create best pins on Pinterest

Step-4 Keep Experimenting with Your Pinterest Pin’s Visuality

Well! To create beautiful pins, you need to design your brand first to attract people.

Be careful that branding on Pinterest is far different than on Instagram.

If you are observing a need for more audience to be attracted to your pins, you can use color palettes and styles to maximize the number of your audience. 

The most important thing is to add your brand title and logo to your pin. So that people can recognize your business. Make your pins mobile-friendly. Even if someone doesn’t have the facility of laptops or computers, he might be able to search your pins on the phone as well.

How Can You Make Your Pins Mobile-Friendly?

Nowadays, people are becoming comfort lovers, so they spend more time on their phones than laptops or computers. 75% of Pinterest is being used on mobile phones.

So, your image should not be blurry, and your text should be easy to read on your phone. Then try to pin your image and check it on various devices to see if it is good quality.

Step-5 Create Images to be Searched on Pinterest

Keep in your mind that Pinterest has its search algorithm. This means you must know properly about Pinterest search engines and how to create user-friendly images. 

Pinterest search engines cover all the details related to your pin and include the description, image, and text on your pin. Try to create the best pin on Pinterest for your audience.

Step-6 Offer Highlights of Your Pins

Only those pins on Pinterest stand the best that are inspirational and related to any business. Here I’m going to give you some ideas to create gravitational content on Pinterest.

  • Put the logo in the center of your image. Make sure your audience understands your products.
  • Optimizing your pin gives you the goal that people would be able to discover what you are offering.
  • Use “homemade, sustainable, and easy” to make the concept clear for the audience about your products.

Final Words

Hence, creating mesmerizing pins has always been challenging. It would be best if you used strategies, tools, and techniques in this regard. Following the steps above, you can create the best pins on Pinterest. 

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