Best Tools to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Android

Best Tools to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Android

If you accidentally delete a message or something goes wrong with your phone, all of your crucial WhatsApp files are lost. Have you ever wondered how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without a backup? Don’t worry; the WhatsApp delete message recovery app will help you recover your WhatsApp data.

The issue is numerous WhatsApp recovery apps to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android; how do you choose the best one? It would be best to consider several factors, including the product’s benefits, cost, and disadvantages. 

The top apps to recover WhatsApp deleted messages on an Android without a backup are listed in the article below. Let’s look at some of the WhatsApp deleted messages recovery apps!

1. Fone – Data Recovery (Android)

This WhatsApp deleted message recovery app is from Wondershare and is the first Android data recovery app worldwide. Dr. Fone- Data Recovery for Android is dependable, with a high data retrieval rate and support for 6000+ Android devices. It offers three recovery modes, including internal storage, damaged Android, and SD card, depending on the problem, such as black screen, ROM flashing, rooting error, accidental deletion, or system crash. 

The user-friendly interface allows you to export data quickly to your PC, including contacts, messages, call logs, and movies. Fifty million clients adore the ability to preview and recover only the data you want.


  • Data recovery in a secure manner
  • It’s simple to use Dr. Fone – Data Recovery (Android)
  • The user may test out the trial version of it
  • Devices with and without root access are both supported
  • Suitable with a large number of Android smartphones
  • It can also retrieve data from internal storage and SD cards
  • Able to recover attachments and data from WhatsApp


  • This app does not feature APK recovery
  • Not all of the features are available in the trial edition
  • Only versions of Android older than 8.0 are supported. Others require support
WhatsApp Recovery

2. Recuva for WhatsApp Recovery

The other free file recovery program that functions as freeware and has a paid edition is Recuva for WhatsApp recovery. Recuva was introduced by Piriform, the well-known company that created CCleaner, and is offered in both portable and installable versions.

Its accessible nature is another appealing feature. Recuva features a standard thorough scan that includes all technological techniques and searches for all deleted files while supporting a wide range of Windows versions. Recuva works on corrupted and damaged drives and can recover files from DVDs, USB drives, and hard drives.

Using this Whatsapp deleted messages recovery app, you can quickly recover lost Android data and WhatsApp data, images, audio files, music, videos, other files, and messages on your Android device.

For Windows users, Recuva is a desktop program for recovering deleted WhatsApp messages. There is no rooting need for this tool. Download, then launch your data recovery.


  • Recuva gives the user the option to execute both a conventional recovery and a deep scan
  • Recuva has a start wizard, making it incredibly simple to use
  • Up to 3TB drives are supported
  • Various file formats are supported
  • There are both 64-bit and 32-bit Recuva versions available
  • It has a portable version that makes it simple for the user to use this tool and is secure because it is free of malicious code


  • The internal memory and storage of the phone are occasionally not recognized
  • During the Recuva download, third-party applications could be installed
  • Recuva for Android requires downloading and installation because it is a desktop program
  • A perplexing download page

3. Jihosoft Android WhatsApp Recovery

Jihosoft Android WhatsApp Recovery, a WhatsApp deleted message recovery app, is yet another of the top Android data recovery programs around the globe. Jihosoft is one of the most expensive Whatsapp data recovery apps. With compatibility for 6000+ Android tablets and devices, including Huawei, Honor, Oneplus, ZTE, and many more, you can recover WhatsApp messages in three easy steps!

It can restore various data, including images and videos, from an Android device to a Mac or Windows computer. Jihosoft Android WhatsApp recovery supports all scenarios, including malware attack, ROM flash, etc., much like Dr. Fone. 

Although there is a $49.95 price tag, a free trial is offered. It works with both Windows and Mac. Therefore, it can recover Android data from both operating systems. Every type of WhatsApp data can be retrieved, including contacts and their information.


  • Jihosoft app enables data previewing before recovery for the user
  • Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery can restore WhatsApp data in just three easy steps
  • It has a five-star user rating
  • Various Android smartphones are supported
  • It is a compact recovery tool with a wide range of compatibility
  • No prior technological expertise is necessary


  • Android devices need to be rooted
  • It’s a very pricey app
  • It’s not that easy to use the user interface
  • There is no way to recover data from a broken or damaged device
  • The trial version lacks all the functionality for data recovery

4. iToolab for Android

The Android data recovery program iToolab for Android performs flawlessly. It enables the user to retrieve all types of data, including WhatsApp data, contacts, call records, and videos. It is one of the best tools for data recovery.


  • It can restore data in various circumstances, including unintentional deletion, system failure, device damage from water or other sources, forgotten passwords, and more
  • iToolab for Android also can restore WhatsApp business data
  • Suitable for over 6000 Android smartphones
  • App gives the user the option to preview and restore only specific data


  • A complication-filled desktop program
  • Not specifically for WhatsApp data recovery

5. MobileTrans – Backup & Restore

The other best way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on your Android if you haven’t previously created any backups is to employ expert backup solutions. 

Here, MobileTrans comes highly recommended. For Android, there is a WhatsApp deleted message recovery app by MobileTrans. You have the highest chance of recovering deleted WhatsApp data using this method. 

You can initially view deleted WhatsApp messages on an Android device without a backup before selecting individual items to recover.


  • Separately restore your preferred content
  • It’s simple to use MobileTrans – Backup & Restore
  • Before restoring to your device, preview the data


  • Android handsets are the only ones that still allow you to restore lost WhatsApp messages.
  • Only older Android 4.6-compatible devices are supported


There could have been various reasons why you lost your WhatsApp messages. Instead of blaming yourself, figure out how to recover your lost data. As a result, we have provided you with the top WhatsApp deleted message recovery apps for Android. Now you need to choose an app that catches your eye and use it immediately!

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