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Best Sports Streaming App For Android

Sports is the best enjoyment in the world. There are numerous sports, but football and cricket are the most well-known and popular. There will always be many spectators for basketball, cricket, football, tennis, or soccer. The best sports streaming app for Android will benefit if you are a sports lover.

If you’re a devoted sports fan, you know that a dependable streaming app is necessary to keep up with all the activity. If you’re an Android user and a sports enthusiast as well, you know the difficulty of locating a reliable sports streaming app. Choosing the ideal option for you can be challenging because of the many available options.

Everything has become more straightforward due to the development of cell phones and the internet. It usually seems unusual to sports enthusiasts to stay connected to watch their favorite team’s live games. You can watch your preferred team’s games all at once due to the most outstanding sports streaming software for Android. 

There are numerous apps accessible in the Play Store, but choosing the best app for watching sports can be challenging. Here are the top sports streaming apps for Android that make it simple and quick to watch every kind of live sport.

1. Live Net TV

The finest sports streaming app for Android is Live Net TV, which also has a free version. This app’s extensive database enables it to provide superior search results. You can simply watch live TV stations and stream sports using this software. 

Watching game highlights can save time watching sports on this streaming app. Users can view more than 50 live TV channels, including sports and news.

This free sports streaming app features a breakdown of other sports like football, basketball, and tennis in addition to a complete package of highlights from cricket matches. Along with streaming live video, it also lets you see live notifications and videos.

2. AOS TV | Live Sports

With the help of the free live TV app AOS TV, you may watch free TV channels on an Android device. According to the app, it hosts more than 1000 channels and sports streaming. The user interface is straightforward; search for the channel you want to view, and numerous links will appear beneath the player. You can choose from the other links if any of the ones you tried don’t work.

You can watch live television from the US, UK, Canada, South America, India, Australia, and other countries. Additionally, you may view live sports from all across the world. A quick and simple app for your live TV needs. Live sports are available from the UK, Argentina, India, the US, Brazil, and other countries.


If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ve undoubtedly heard of ESPN. It’s a well-known sports streaming app where you can stream your preferred games of basketball, tennis, and football, as well as cricket and other sports. ESPN may have been playing on the television. Here, ESPN also offers its mobile websites and iOS and Android apps.

With the ESPN app, you can effortlessly watch sports, match highlights, news, live score, and many other things. The most attractive feature of this software that draws users in is the ability to register an account and configure notifications by matching schedules.

4. Oreo TV

A live TV and movie streaming app for Android is called Orea TV. Unlike other sports streaming apps, Oreo TV provides a spotless and uncomplicated interface experience. The software is well-designed, has straightforward navigation, and has rapid access options to the material without login or subscription complications.

If available, the app streams Live TV in HD. To filter channels or conduct a direct search for your TV station to stream live sports, simply select the Live TV option. You may get a variety of live sports networks, including Fox and beIN Sports. Football, cricket, hockey, tennis, and other important events are all instantly streamable.

You must have this premium streaming app on any Android device.

5. Hotstar

In addition, to live sports streaming, Hotstar also offers TV series, movies, live news, highlights, and premium TV programs. It is much more than just a live sports streaming app. You can watch the series on this fantastic site, but you must purchase a premium membership. With this app, you may watch sports like football, cricket, hockey, and kabaddi, as well as tennis and badminton. 

If you somehow missed the live event, you may view match highlights and get live results with this fantastic app. The best part is that you can download the movie and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

6. Sony LIV

For sports fans worldwide, Sony produced the live TV app Sony LIV. You can watch games without spending any money. However, when utilizing Sony LIV without a subscription, there is a 5-minute delay in the streaming. The premium material provided by Sony LIV gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t soon forget.

To access Sony LIV outside of India, as it is only available in India, a VPN with Indian servers is necessary. You may access a wide variety of programs with Sony LIV. FIFA World Cup, Cricket, EPL, Italian Serie A, La Liga, UEFA, WWE, NBA, Copa America, Rugby Championship, The FA Cup, NFL, Super Rugby, and several other programs are just a few examples.

7. Kodi Sports Repo

It is not a live-streaming app by itself. You may use Kodi to watch live sports by installing sports addons like Sport 365 Live, Joker Sport, Supremacy Sport, etc.

Kodi is a media center where you may add different file repositories and access free TV, movies, music, and programming. Another well-known Kodi addon, IPTV Addon, can display more than 1400 channels for you. Installing the Mad Titan Sports addon on Kodi is pretty simple.

You can download the Kodi App from the Google Play Store and add the Mad Titan Sports Add-on to Kodi.

To Sum Up

Everyone is busy with their lives, jobs, and other activities. But in the present day, technology has dramatically improved the comfort and ease of our lives. These are the best sports streaming apps for Android. You may now use these apps’ capabilities as a sports fan to obtain the most thrilling and exciting experience from viewing your live sports online. Your hunt is finished; all you need to do is download one of the Apps above to start continuous streaming.

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