Best Selfie Apps

Best Selfie Apps for Android

In recent years, taking selfies has grown relatively popular, and the practice is just spreading. Many applications for taking selfies are accessible on the Google Play Store, and some are particularly good and capable of bringing out the best in you. 

You should choose the app that best meets your demands. For Android selfie apps, higher demand leads to more apps, but not all of them bear a quality seal.

With just one click, the ideal selfie app may transform you and make you look stunning. Check out our list of the best selfie apps for Android cell phones if you’re seeking them. 

Each app has unique qualities and is highly appealing in its way. Note that there is no particular sequence in which these apps are featured. Feel free to check them out after that. Enjoy the most excellent selfie apps for Android. Move along!

1. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is one of the most popular selfie cameras and editing apps on the Google Play Store. The fantastic feature of Candy Camera is the abundance of selfie-specific filters it offers. For iOS or Android devices, Candy Camera is the best selfie camera app to download.

Select a filter and swipe it to change. This app’s products are gorgeous because the system uses AI technology as its brain.

To help you take stunning selfies, Candy Camera offers you the best face optimization methods, including face softening, facelifting, whitening, blemish removal, eyeliner, lipstick, and several other features.

Candy camera has an extensive selection of in-app real-time filters for realistic-looking selfies and many camera settings that can help you appear suitable and have lovely skin.

Once you’ve got the perfect Selfie, you can add stickers for any celebration or event to make it uniquely yours. Additionally, each sticker is simply resizeable, allowing you to customize your photos further.

2. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie Candy Camera is specifically made for people who enjoy taking quick selfies and adding fun filters to get stunning shots no matter where they are or what time of day. It offers selfie filters that are attractive and current in real-time.

Using the built-in intelligent auto beauty feature without changing settings, you can take photos with a natural appearance. And if you’re one of those who enjoys fiddling with the elements, you may add a beautiful touch to your selfies by choosing from settings like retro, vignette, blur, and collage layouts.

You can even add stickers and emojis to your images. Sweet Selfie even supports selfie sticks with Bluetooth.

This app has tremendous helpful features. It provides a selection of face and body art filters to improve your images. In addition, you may edit your Selfie and see the changes immediately.

Sweet Selfie not only offers simple photo editing but also collage options. You can select from a variety of different layouts to produce captivating images. The use of this site is free, after all. Even with the commercials, it is still one of the best selfie camera apps and won’t let you down in many ways.

Best Selfie Apps for Android

3. Camera 360

Many people trust Camera 360 Selfies as it offers the best tools and capabilities for taking portrait selfies, making it one of the most popular selfie apps on the Google Play Store. The quantity and quality of the filters are excellent.

With only a few simple adjustments and upgrades like airbrushing, picture decorator, highlighter, and changing or adjusting backgrounds, all from within the Camera 360 Selfies app, you may prettify your commonplace photos and turn them into amazing ones.

You can also use the Quick Snap grid collage tool for group shots. You can take several photos from various angles and masterfully combine them into a single composite shot, making it even more memorable and much simpler to share with your loved ones.

After an image has been shot, the app offers a selection of filters and frames. Both novice and expert photographers can use Camera360’s photo effects, frames, colors, and post-processing tools to modify images while on the go.

No matter how many cell phones you own, the one constant is that they all have a camera. There are many apps available to assist you in taking the ideal image, whether it’s for Facebook, social networking, or just for baby pictures. One of these programs, Camera360, provides more than 20 distinct filters and frames; that’s why it’s among the best selfie app for Android.

4. Snapchat

One of the top best selfie apps for iPhone and Android is unquestionably Snapchat. Snapchat had a decent market share before those social media filters and effects became popular. Snapchat users can easily make beautiful photographs and edit them.

Using this selfie app, you can edit your images to make them look more artistic in addition to snapping selfies. With Snapchat, you can even produce a short film with various intriguing effects. Snapchat makes everything entertaining and fascinating. 

Additionally, Snapchat works with practically every phone. It detects your face and applies filters using facial recognition and augmented reality. Selfies can be saved immediately after taking them or shared with friends on Snapchat, where they will disappear after 24 hours. With its excellent built-in editor, you can take films and edit them.

So, Snapchat is the ideal solution if you’re seeking an app that lets you capture selfies and talk with other users. This platform enables you to take images, modify them, and store them in the gallery on your phone if you want to have fun.

Snapchat allows you to send your friends a location update and keep your images and movies. It is time to make up tales and tell them to anyone. Enjoy lenses and filters whenever you’re chatting with this best selfie filter app.

5. Retrica

Retrica is also among the best selfie camera apps for android. Retrica offers more than a hundred real-time filters that you can apply to photos and videos of you and your friends taking selfies. With the app’s built-in private album feature, you can create your album with your pals and share the moments you captured together more efficiently.

Many extra features are available, like a collage with various layouts, a photo editor for fast enhancing your Selfie, and the option to turn your collage images or videos into GIFs. Retrica offers a wide variety of collage designs and real-time effects.

Selfies may be snapped quickly and easily with the help of more than 190 filters and a variety of unique effects. In addition, Retrica gives users the option to add a grain, vignette, or blur effect to the images.

Retrica offers its customers a platform to design their filters if they are creative and wish to come up with something original. You may permanently set yourself apart from other users by doing that. Everything on this platform is simple to use, even though it sounds complicated.

You should go to Retrica if you enjoy making memes, stickers, and other visual products. This program has more features than you could imagine.


Selfie perfection is a difficult skill to master. To produce a virtually perfect photo that garners you all those coveted likes on Instagram and Facebook requires work, experience, and a few failed efforts. With this list of the 5 best selfie apps for Android, you can skip this hustle and get your perfect Selfie in no time.  

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